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Feedback is always difficult to assess.  We welcome constructive feedback as it offers us an opportunity to improve.

During the past year 98% of all clients and course participants completed detailed feedback forms


92% of those who completed a feedback form scored their training experience as 'excellent' and 8% scored their training experience as 'very good'.

100% of those who completed a feedback form stated that they would recommend their experience and soTraining to others.

90% of our clients stated they thought the training was excellent value for money.

Training CourseJo Hampson

"We had our Committee development day with Jo and Georgina. it was excellent, possibly the most successful day the Committee has ever had. Jo was able to pitch the day perfectly for the attendees. Myself and a colleague had met them both prior and briefed them on what we wanted and they hit the mark exactly. I would recommend them to anyone for similar activities and I will certainly use them again, possibly with the management team next time". - James Cox, West House

"Your contribution to the overall success of the project was incalculable so thank you so much". - Eamonn Coffey, Cumbria Life.

"I have done a large number of courses, but these were really a cut above the rest" - Mal

Stubbs, Rural Web Design

"Thank you for your excellent training sessions"

- Scott, Devon Social Services

"The courses also provide follow up advice and support, so you're not just left on your own to take the next steps" - Lorna,Truffles Chocolates

"Every aspect was enjoyable, from the setting, the accommodation and the food, to the content and the delivery of the course itself"

A good course.  I found it down to earth and practical"

"Amazing experience - really worthwhile.  It has given me so much clarity"


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