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Downshifting - Questionnaire


Are you ready to downshift or to change your life?

Have a look at the questions below.


Do you feel you lack control over your working life?  
Do you resent the time you spend commuting to work each day?  
Have you ever thought about working for yourself?  
Do you dream of moving somewhere more rural?  
Have you always had a dream of the 'good life'?  
Do you feel you are being ushered out at work?  
Do you wish redundancy was an option?  
Is redundancy on the horizon, and do you dread it?  
Do you dream about have more spare time even if it means earning less?  
Are you nearing your retirement?  
Do you want to have a new start in your working life?  
Are you being forced to make a new start?  
Do you feel apart from some of your colleagues?  
Do you feel you have different values to that of your colleagues and the organisation?  
Have you ever discussed the option of doing something different with your partner or a friend?  
Do you dream about spending more time with your family and friends?  
Have you had to cancel a social arrangement to go into work in the past six months?  
Do you have to work late in the evenings or at weekends?  

If you answered 'Yes' to four or more of these questions than you may want to think carefully about your lifestyle.

Would a new start or a life change improve your quality of life?

You don't to have to downshift to get a better balance between your work life and your home life.  We can help you discover how to live differently.    


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