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What is new about downshifting on our web site

July 2010 At the back end of last year we moved our web site to a new host so that we could embed our blog, which is where most of our new stuff goes now.  Georgina has also been gradually rebuilding the site so we can edit all parts ourselves, without Dreamweaver...  So far she has done the home page!  This means that on other pages it still sems as though you can sign up for a newsletter - please don't, you can't!

July 2009   Read another column written by Stepping Off in Carlisle Living. This downshifting is a great thing - It gives you time to do all sorts of things.  We call it Personal Diversification - where you can look at all your transferable skills that enable you to turn our hand to many different things - like writing articles!  Read the latest....

June 2009   ITV's This Morning also featured friends of stepping Off - Elizabeth and Simon - who downshifted to France....... Read their story and then look at what they have achieved - Le Grenier a Ble

June 2009   See us on ITV's 'This Morning'.  Have a look at the blog and read other peoples comments about changing their lives.

April 2009   Have you caught up with our new blog?  Get reading and learn lots about downshifting and simplifying your live.  Why not leave a comment.......

March 2009     Read our second column. The new issue of Carlisle Living is out - with another new article in it by Stepping Off.  This time it is all about “looking for the good and feeling the benefit”

A short article to help keep positive and look for the good in everything around you.  It is extraordinary - because when you do look for the good - guess what - you will see it! To read it

February 2009  Our second column came out last month - all about how you can reduce your stress by not putting things off all the time! 

To read it

January 2009  We are a columnist!  We, at Stepping Off have been asked to write a bi-monthly column for a new magazine called Carlisle Living.  this is produced on the back of Cumbria Life magazine produced by Cumbria News ltd.  They have a short piece every month about improving your life with an article from a life coach one month and an article from us the next. Or first one went out in December.  To read it

October 2008   Downshifting with BBC on the One Show  - The One Show are doing a series of short films about people who have downshifted during the week of 12th January 2008.  Carol Thatcher is presenting it and they were delighted to find people who had not only downshifted but also now help other people change their lives.  They were most interested in the lifestyle we have created here at Stepping Off and they were able to feature some of the other things that we do.  See more...

Summer 2008    Well what a year 2008 is turning out to be.  we have been inundated with courses being booked by people who met us at the One Life Live how back in February.  So many lovely people who are looking to do something different with their lives.  May want to start working for themselves, may want to stop working for themselves; some want to get off the treadmill while others are facing redundancy and want to seize the opportunity to do something different ,while others want to plan for retirement.  whatever the issues EVERYONE wants to start enjoying life more.  have a look at what some of our One Life Live clients have said about us .....

February 2008 - Jo Hampson is speaking at the One Life Live show at Olympia this weekend - 29th February - 2 March 2008.  She will be in the Woman and Home 'New Directions Theatre'.  Click here to read all about it. .


February 2008 - We have just received this independant book review for 'Life Swap'.

"I read it just before Christmas and enjoyed it.  It is just the right length, not too technical.  I think it spends just a little too long on the reasons to change.  Most people who buy and read this book will already have suspected that they should change.  However the text is very easy to read and quickly hooks the target reader because the situations discussed in chapters 1,2 &3 are instantly recognisable.  I found it applied to me and to many people in the organisations I have worked in.  Page 28 (co-habiting rather than living together) in particular hit a chord with me, and I am sure it applies to many Fathers who wish they had the energy to be more involved with their families.  Frankly this description would make a good advert for the book." 

Alex Walsh Head of Operational Nuclear Safety BAE Systems


February 2008Listen to our story on BBC Radio Scotland - The Great Escape - 5 February 2008

(Click Radio Scotland and then scroll down for the Great Escape)


January 2008 -

********* Important News *********

Come and visit the Stepping Off stand at the One Life Live Show at Olympia, London

29 Feb-2 March, 2008

Book your ticket here and save £5

Click here to book your tickets online. 

To claim your discount just quote our stand number N62 in the promotional code box when booking.

Tickets on the door £15. Online tickets £12.  Tickets booked through Stepping Off £10


November 07 - Read the latest update on Simon and Elizabeth's downshifting story in France - have a look at the wonderful luxury villa they have renovated - what a great place for a holiday!

August 07   Calling all women!! Join us on an exclusive Cumbrian weekend of self discovery. Relax, enjoy and discovery yourself.

May 07  -      Read our new story about our friends Bob and Jane who downshifted from the RAF to run franchise business.  They have now started up their own business making the most delicious handcrafted chocolates

March 07 -   Are you damaging your health by working in an office all day?  New research shows how sitting down all day and working at a computer may increase the risk of blood clots.

December -  Read all about Brits Abroad.  New research by the BBC as to why Brits are moving abroad, where they are living and how they are getting on.

October - Read the article on Stepping Off in this month's Family Circle

August 1  - Read about our new Life Re-Focusing Course designed especially for women.  This is an inspirational one-day course to help women get more out of their lives and live their dreams.

April 26  Read more on downshifting on the BBC magazine online

April 24  'LIFE SWAP' The new essential guide to downshifting and simplifying your life.  Out now - written by Jo Hampson at Stepping Off.

April 4  - Australians are unhappy with the word downshifting - they feel is has negative and reducing connotations. They talk about life change in terms of where about you are going to move to - so if you are going to the country you will be having a 'tree change' but if you are moving to the coast you will be having  a 'sea change'.  Join our friends downunder at

20 February  Have you visited our new link - downunder.  Downshifting is really big in Australia with hundreds of people looking to downshift to a simpler life. Read all about it on Downshifting Downunder.

18 January  Do you like our web site?  The Business Gazette did. 

Have a look at the article written about the Stepping Off web site

14 January - FREE get our Ten Top Tips to downshifting or starting a new life.  Really helpful tips to help you think through the important issues of a life change.

12 January - Subscribe to our newsletter and you will automatically be entered into our Prize Draw.  One subscriber will win a weekend course at Stepping Off in Autumn 2006.

8 January - Start the new year by subscribing to our newsletter.  We will be sending out a short newsletter every three months to keep you up to date with the latest downshifting news.  You can subscribe at the bottom left of any page.

19 November - See the article  - "Kiss the Rat Race Goodbye" - written about Stepping Off in the Saturday Telegraph

4 November - Have a look at our new book of the month. "Gap Year For Grown Ups"   A really great book - that will get you thinking.  Maybe a gap year is exactly what you need to help you get the 'downshifting bug' out of your system. Read our review here.

15 October - Have a look at the article about our web site featured in the Business Gazette.  We welcome feedback - If you have any views or ideas about our web site - why don't you contact us with your thoughts.

12 October - Look out for our Autumn Discount rates for our weekend and day courses.

Enjoy the autumn colours of Cumbria - Book on a course between now and Christmas to make use of this saving.

10 September - Have a look at a new link on our web site - The Changing Times.  Find it on our General Links page. This is a free magazine that is being distributed throughout London.  It offers a range of different articles and editorials on environmental issues and different ways of living.

20 July - Have a look at the new article about Stepping Off published this month in 'Inspiring Life' -  The article will shortly appear on our Press Releases page.

15 June  - Have a look at what people say about us, on our Testimonial page.

14 June   -  Have a look at our new Downshifting section.  We have created a completely new sub-site to help you look at all the different aspects of downshifting.

24 May   -  Are you an 'Alterpreneur'?  Many of us are running our own business for the lifestyle - not to make a lot of money.  Read the article on Health, Wealth and Happiness

9 May -   Come and meet our chickens on the What is Downshifting page.  This is our cockerel 'Bertie Rooster' with his ladies - Hettie Hen, Mrs Noah, Joan of Ark and Lottie; who all live in an ark and Miss Babs who lives in the tree with Bertie.

8 May -    Check out our new downshifting story from Wendy and Simon. They have in fact crosshifted - they now work just as hard, run a much bigger business than they did before but their quality of life is so much better than it was when they were living in London. They own and run Augill Castle.

29 April - Daily Telegragh article on Downshifting

2 April - National Downshifting Week 23 April-29 April

8 March - We have published the 15 most Frequently Asked Questions by our clients.  Read the answers to find out how Stepping Off can help answer those questions.

27 Feb - Are you ready to downshift?  Have a go at answering our new questionnaire.  It will certainly have you asking some questions about your lifestyle.

20 Feb - Have a look at our new book of the month.  Out of Your Townie Mind by Richard Craze.  A must for anyone thinking of downshifting or retiring to the country. Read our book review and see for yourselves.

15 Feb  - News Flash - according to Red Magazine "2.6 million people downshifted in the UK last year........ but for every success story there is a sorrier tale of downshifting moves that just didn't work out" Have a look at the programmes we offer.  Don't make a life change without talking to us.

7 Feb- Have a look at how Stepping Off can help you with downshifting in 3 Simple Steps.

23 Jan - Have a look at the topics we offer help with.  You can customise your own course by picking the topics that you want help with.  Book weekend or a day with us or let us help you by phone or email.

20 Jan - Check our our new press article in Metropolitan Life.


18 Jan - Read about the story behind our Logo.

10 Jan - We have become associates with Amazon and are able to offer a simple way to find and buy what we think are the best books about downshifting.
Check out our book shop

5 Jan 05 - Our "New Look" web site was launched. Our aim is to become the best online resource on the internet for information about downshifting. You don't have to come on a course, we can help you over the phone or by email.











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