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Downshifting with Stepping Off

Do you remember the art lesson at school that taught you perspective?  The one where you had to draw two lines from the bottom of the page to a vanishing point.  All these pictures looked like railway tracks.

Well I have always felt as though life is like those pictures.  We live our lives on those tracks moving towards the end of our lives when we disappear into the sunset.

Only, I do not think that there is only one track we can live on.  I think that there are lots of tracks and we can travel along different ones at different times in our lives.

When I was a student I was on one track.  When I became a teacher I stepped off onto another track, and again when I downshifted I stepped off onto yet another track and so it goes on.

It is easy to step off when you have made up your mind and are clear about your future and know how to proceed.  The trouble comes when you are dissatisfied with your life and feel as though you are no longer in control. You become frustrated and unhappy.

Physically you are on one track but mentally you are in between tracks.

It is at this point when Stepping Off can help you.  We can help you to start making some good decisions about how you can improve your life and decide on what your next track will be. When you have decided on your next track we can help you in practical ways with how you can step off.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been"


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