TV Stars!!

Here we are on the TV again – this time on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Phil and Fern!

We are a little bit anxious – but I hope it will make good viewing and show how our lives have changed so much for the better.  With a little bit of courage and a bit of ‘throwing caution to the wind’ we have created a really interesting and fulfilling life full of variety and based on quality of life rather than working 75 hours a week to earn lots of money.

Do I sound smug?  Well OK, I might do – but I make no apology for it – I think we have a great life and I am proud of it – and it is out there for anyone to do when the time is right for them.

All helped of course as we are experiencing the most glorious weather.  Blue skies, warm sun and no wind (rare for those of us living on top of the fells in Cumbria) and of course the most amazing views.

The view we wake up to every morning!

 The view we wake up to every morning!

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4 Responses to “TV Stars!!”

  1. Sian Phillips Says:

    Hello Both
    Hello Both
    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing as I too am at the beginning of a journey of what is to be a massive change. I am a careers consultant who is also a qualified performance, confidence and life coach. Whilst I have always enjoyed being impulsive and non conventional I am afraid my other ‘alf’ and me have been living under some impossible strains and stresses over the last few years and his (the other alf’s) business is suffering in recent times. So we are taking a year out, at 50 years of age!! Off to Spain we go. Hence actually practising what I preach to the extreme.
    Like your selves we intend to do some work and I will still deliver some works hops, coaching and training, but this 60 – 70 hour week nonsense has got to come to an end.
    It’s not going to be easy the plan is complex and we are sacrificing quite a lot in numerous ways, but hey if you don’t change what you put in then you don’t change what you get out!
    Well done and by the way you didn’t come across as anxious at all.
    All the best for the future and continue to enjoy what you are doing.

  2. karen riley Says:

    Hi Jo & George, Just wanted to drop a message to you i saw you on This Morning today and i was glued to the tv (well not literally),I think you are so brave to follow your dream. I would love to do the same but as you have said it’s not simple, well certainly not at this moment….Anyway i sat my partner down so she could read the this morning home page because she missed the programme. Since then i have read most of your web pages with great interest & will contniue to check out your blogs. Anyway we wish you both all the success in the future and hopefully in the not to distant future we will be able to attend 1 of your smoking weekends Best wishes K

  3. steppingoff Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the great comments on the Blog. Dont leave following your dreams too long – our motto for this year is “Dont get to your next significant birthday and look back with dissapointment. Rather get to your next significant birthday and be able to look back and say ‘I did it!'”
    If you ever feel like coming on a Stepping Off course we will be able to help you find a way to plan a change. Till then enjoy your self and thanks again.

  4. steppingoff Says:

    Go for it Sian!
    Good on you both. I hope you will have a wonderful time and you never know what will come out of it and where you might be in 12 months time.
    I hope you love it.

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