Make this YOUR year!

Our motto at Stepping Off this year is to “put procrastination in the past”!

How many times have you been here before – it is a new year – we are thinking of new year’s resolutions, we are all keyed up and motivated – this year is going to be different!

But is it?

Being keyed up and motivated is only half the story – the other half is understanding why you have been here so many times before and have never really achieved all you set out to achieve.

Identifying the things in our lives  that stop us from moving forwards and achieving our goals is vital if we are to live our lives differently.

So why not spend some time thinking about  –

1.  What are the things that are stopping us moving forward and living a happier life?   

2. Who are the people who are stopping us changing? – Have you ever thought that some friends and family members may have their own reasons for wanting you to stay where you are?

There are lots of reasons that keep us where we are – our own comfort zone for one.   But if you can name some of these reasons, think them through and then answer this question:  Are they real, are they imagined or are they just an excuse?  When you have made sense of them you can then dismiss them from your mind. 

Don’t let them stop you becoming the person you long to be, living the life you long to live!

Procrastination may well be one of these reasons. So make this the year you put procrastination in the past and make this YOUR year for change!

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2 Responses to “Make this YOUR year!”

  1. Frank Roe Says:

    This reminds me of the tasks I set myself for this year, what I’ve done to date (2nd March) and what has yet to be started. Your first question in this blog is the third time in the past two weeks I’ve come across a very similar expression….and it makes me wonder how it is that such links or hints appear. There’s definitely something happening in “the ether” or, much more likely, in my subconscious.
    Recently I’ve been learning to follow up when such matters occur.
    Thanks for the unexpected prompting.
    Frank Roe

  2. Stepping Off Says:

    Thanks Frank – good to have you on the blog!

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