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Changing your life, downshifting or improving your work/life balance - What We Offer

We will help you to make sense of all the ideas/dreams you have and assist you to come up with realistic options and plans for the future.  If you don't have any ideas but know you need a change we will help come up with options that you might enjoy. After working with us you will be much better placed to make good decisions based on your own needs and expectations for your future.

To fit in with your busy life we have three different programmes.

Castle Court

The 'Weekend in the Country'.

One Day Programmes.

Distance Assistance.

Get away from it all and join us for a two day workshop to consider your lifestyle and re-define your future.  Here you can spend time with experts to look at what living differently would mean to you and how you can achieve it. 

We offer professional and practical advice.  Sometimes, when life is getting too much, it is difficult to see the wood for the trees.  That's where we come in.  We offer structured one and two day courses that will help you to focus your mind and make sound decisions for you and your family's future. Use us as a sounding board to bounce ideas off. We will then help you think practically about your options and help you plan your life change all based on your individual wants and needs.  We have a huge amount of experience working with people who want to live differently, change their life, start their own business or downshift. 

Read here why Stepping Off is different?

We run Stepping Off courses throughout the year. We will try to fit in with your requirements.  Please contact us to discuss suitable dates.


The Weekend Programme - 'Invest in a weekend for your future'

Join us for a weekend break in the Lakeland countryside.  Here you will focus on your lifestyle, explore the changes you want to make in your life and have time to consider your future options.

Enjoy good food, a relaxing atmosphere and use the time to think about your future with the help of experts.

The programmes are designed for individuals, couples or occasionally groups and are held over two days, normally a weekend. Participants arrive late afternoon on Friday and leave after lunch on Sunday. These courses are bespoke one-to one courses and deal with the clients particular requirements.

The weekends cost £595 per person - £895 for couples- for a personalised course where you will receive a one-to-one service and includes all course material; two nights dinner bed and breakfast, lunches and all refreshments.

Over the past seven years our experience has shown us that what clients get out of a Stepping Off course - the benefit and outcomes - are so much greater if the course is 1-2-1 compared with what they get out if they come as part of a group. For this reason here at Stepping Off we have now stopped running group residential courses.  We do however run one day group courses for corporate clients where staff are perhaps approaching retirement or facing redundancy.

Day Courses

Throughout the year we offer a number of one-day courses. 

If you wish to visit us for a personalised day course where you will receive a one-to-one service the price is £200 per person.

The day courses allow us to help clients with one or two specific areas of downshifting and are customised to suit each client. The day runs from 9am - 5pm and includes all course material, refreshments and lunch.

We also run day courses for groups of up to 8 people. These are booked by arrangement. The group day programme costs £95 per person for the day and includes all course material, refreshments and lunch.


Distance assistance

You do not have to come on a course for us to help you.  We offer one-to-one advice and assistance over the phone with email support, or by video conferencing. We also offer on-going support in this way for clients who have been on our courses.

Assistance and advice about any area of downshifting offered by phone and email or video conferencing.

One hour with email support                 £40

Video Conferencing with email support    £50

We will phone you at your convenience (land line only). We suggest that a series of sessions is booked at a time.  Payment is required in advance.


What we offer on our courses

Booking time with us is easy.

If you want to work less and enjoy life more give us a call or email us.


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