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LIFE SWAP - The Essential Guide to Downshifting - £5 inc. p&p (UK) 

Book  Life Swap the essential guide to downshifting


This book is a must for anyone who is feeling dissatisfied with their lives.

If you are trying to make decisions about what your future is going to be - this is the book for you.

Full of expert advice, guidance, and ideas about how to simplify your life, improve your work/life balance or go for the good life and downshift.

With ideas for the whole family, stories of other people who have changed their lifestyles; those that love their new life and importantly those that don't; case studies and questionaires.

If you are fed up with the rat race and are thinking about changing your life then this book takes you through some easy steps towards success.  


Independent Book Review

"I read it just before Christmas and enjoyed it.  It is just the right length, not too technical.  I think it spends just a little too long on the reasons to change.  Most people who buy and read this book will already have suspected that they should change.  However the text is very easy to read and quickly hooks the target reader because the situations discussed in chapters 1,2 &3 are instantly recognisable.  I found it applied to me and to many people in the organisations I have worked in.  Page 28 (co-habiting rather than living together) in particular hit a chord with me, and I am sure it applies to many Fathers who wish they had the energy to be more involved with their families.  Frankly this description would make a good advert for the book."

Alex Walsh Head of operational Nuclear Safety BAE Systems


Amazon Book Reviews


1. "Work had taken my health and my happiness. Trapped as much by a feeling that I 'ought' to work full time as by the need for an income, I didn't know how to escape the grind. Change isn't easy. In this book, Jo and George take care to go though all the pros and cons that you have to weigh up before downshifting. Written in short, clear chapters, it's a pleasure to read and challenging to work through.

Giving up work completely wasn't an option for me but Life Swap showed me the gears between overdrive and neutral. I opted for third gear. Work does not dominate me as it did and now I have the freedom to pursue other goals. I run my own business and have written two books. I can spend more time with friends and enjoy my garden and sport.

If you think your life needs a change, you'll make a better decision with the help of Life Swap."

2. "I bought this book when I decided to quit my London job and move out to the country and set up my own small catering firm. It had always been my dream to move away and retire out of the city, but this book gave me the information which allowed me to realise this. The balance of personal testimony and general advice also made this fairly short book very readable."

3. I found that this book gave a very balanced perspective on "life swapping". It made me examine the reasons behind my desire to change my lifestyle, as well as presenting the alternatives that are out there. It also avoids telling you what to do by making you really look carefully at what is important to you. It certainly got me thinking about a life swap, then planning one, and soon I will be swapping!

4."Thinking about a significant change in life-style can be intimidating. It is, after all, a big step and once the boats are on fire there is nowhere to go but forward. So how can you make a sensible judgement call? Life Swap is a good place to start. Through a series of questionnaires and real life examples it helps you to identify options, motivations and weak points in your plan. It doesn't pull any punches either, giving a list of the downsides that can be a bit sobering.

I have not yet made the great leap, but I have started to peer over the edge and identify just what is needed to do so. I recommend this book if you are also teetering on the brink. It might save you a lot of sleepless nights."


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