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Where Can I Go From Here?

Some people change the way they live their lives - get the work/life balance right.

Some people downshift out of necessity - redundancy, ill health or retirement.

Some people choose to downshift in spite of enjoying the work they do.

Some consider a change, look at the options and decide to stay where they are.


What Next?

You have made a great start to taking control of your life.  Now What?  Talk to us!  We will respond to your initial enquiry on 01931 716638 or to by listening to you and discussing with you the best way for you to move forward.  You then decide if you would like us to work together.

That first contact may help you make a decision you were close to making anyway, in which case well done!  We're still here to help you and advise you in the future. (See How we do it.)

You may find that we have at our fingertips the sort of information and experience that you have been looking for; or you may find that talking through your ideas and fears is a great help.  If this is the case and at the moment you cannot commit a block of time to considering your future we can get you on the road to making the best decision for you with our distance assistance options.

Where to start?  The downshifting flow chart.

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