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Book Cover - Gap Years for Grown Ups


Gap Years for Grown Ups

by Susan Griffith published by Vacation Work Publications.


“Gap years for Grown Ups” has a happy balance between inspiring stories of those who have escaped the workaday life, and the detailed information required by those about to take flight.


There are advertisements within the 330 or so pages, but this does not detract from the wealth of information available courtesy of Susan Griffith and her Dramatis Personae who have blazed the trail of career-break adventurers.  Lawyers, teachers, management consultants and vicars – all have taken time out to do something worthwhile  -  travel, adventure, spiritual or personal development, working for voluntary organisations or indeed  studying.


The book is encyclopaedic with the detail it offers – from information on how to prepare and manage financially, to desert driving; from spiritual tourism to travelling with your kids and from house-swapping to ski-ing.


At Stepping Off we work with people yearning for a radical change: a gap year may just fit the bill!  The experience of many of the book’s contributors shows that Stepping Off into a gap year may, for some, be the first step to downshifting for good…


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