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Taking Control Of Your Life


In most of the features written about Stepping Off, this quote seems to to be a focal point -

"According to Jo, both saw the most important measure of their success as having re-gained control over their lives. For the first time, she says, there was the exhilarating sense of freedom which comes from knowing that you were shaping your own destiny - and not being led by the demands of others."


One of the biggest frustrations about the UK work culture at the moment is that it leaves most people feeling that they are 'living to work' rather then 'working to live'.

People feel that they have lost of control of their lives and that they are dominated by their work or career.

How many people think about giving it all up, re-gaining control of their lives and starting again?

At Stepping Off, our courses allow people the time to reflect on their lifestyle and see where the life they are living is different from the life they would like to live.

Some people who come on a Stepping Off course do not want to downshift, they just want to re-gain control of the lives they are living.

Our courses are designed to help people think about how they live and give them the techniques to re-take control.

If you feel your life is out of control, and you want to find out about some innovative ways re-gain control of your life, contact us for more information. Click here.


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