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Downshifting - Becoming Self-Sufficient

Maybe I can get those ducks to come to my water garden!

For many of us the idea of becoming totally self-sufficient will probably always be a dream.  Howe,ver there is nothing to stop you from becoming semi self-sufficient.  If nothing else it is very easy to start growing a few of your own veg and maybe having a few free-range chickens - and you don't have to live in the heart of the countryside.

Growing your own vegetables is very rewarding, they will taste different from almost anything you will buy in a supermarket and it can be a fun activity for all the family.

There are lots of good books around and even better websites that will talk you through starting your own vegetable plot.

Keeping chickens is again not difficult provided they are kept in a responsible and sensible manner.  They do need a decent space to be in and a hut providing a place to roost at night.  You do not need a rooster to have laying hens.  Again, an activity especially interesting and fun for children (properly supervised) and hens quickly become pets.  Keeping chickens to eat is a slightly more complicated matter - but again there are some really good websites to help you.

If you have room, growing a few fruit trees is a great thing to do - not just for the fruit - although that is a bonus - healthy snacks, jams, puddings, smoothies and drinks, but also fruit trees create a great eco-system for the garden.

If you are thinking about downshifting and living the 'good life' than we can help.  For further in formation click here.




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