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Downshifting - Working For Yourself

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How many of us dream about being our own boss, working from home, or starting our own business? 

Most people who downshift think about doing exactly these things.  The main difficulty is coming up with the sort of work that will earn us enough money to live on.  What should we do? How can we utilise our skills? How do we go about it?

Working for yourself is often more difficult than working for someone else -

  • No time off
  • No paid holidays
  • No benefit plan
  • All the worry
  • Working harder than you did before because it is so important to succeed

It is also far more rewarding -

  • You are in control
  • You work the hours you want to work
  • Your get all the credit
  • You keep all the money you make
  • You make the decisions

There are lots of pitfalls about working for yourself as well as lots of rewards - and knowing about them all is really important before you start.  At Stepping Off, one of the most important elements of our courses is to help people understand what working for yourself is really like.

If you are thinking about working for yourself, we can help you identify your options, avoid the pitfalls and plan how to start.  For further information click here.


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