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Downshifting- Moving to the Country


The Dream

Downshifting Country Cottage

I am going to give it all up, go and live in the country, buy a little cottage with roses around the door and live a simple and stress free life. I will start again, maybe start my own small business, or I will paint or write. I will grow my own vegetables, keep a few free-range chickens, walk everyday through the woods and fields and spend the evening sipping wine watching the sun go down.

The Reality

Downshifting to the country - can be all this and more. One of the most gratifying aspects is that having made these momentous decisions to change, you feel as though you have taken control of your life. There is a sense of real freedom having broken away from the treadmill of urban working life.

However Country living is not for everyone and some people yearn for the hustle and bustle of city life.

The best way to know whether you are going to enjoy settling into country ways is to talk to those people who have done it and listen to what they found difficult and what they really enjoy

Although there is no substitute for the actual experience, you can minimise the risk of it all going horrible wrong by taking action to learn as much as you can before you make the leap.

Part of our programme at Stepping Off is to help our clients understand about some of the issues concerning the 'Country Idyll'. 

If you want to read about the ups and downs of country life - and want to enjoy a good read and have a laugh - have a look at our review of 'Out of Your Townie Mind'

If you feel you want to move to the country, then we can help. For further information Click here.


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