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Downshifting - Moving To France



What a great idea!  Moving to France is really no different from downshifting to anywhere else.  The difficulties about living through change are the same -  but of course you have other things to cope with like a different language, culture etc.

As with any move, the important thing is to be really honest about what you want from your future, and then work out how to make sure you get it.

At Stepping Off we can help with the fundamentals of living through a life change and we can also put you in touch with other people who have moved to France. 

The nearest thing to experiencing this sort of move, without actually doing it, is to talk to others who have already done it - successfully.

If you are thinking about moving to France, we can help.   Click here for further information.

Have a look at what our friend Tracey Smith has to say about it all.

Also have a look at the Ellis's story on our downshifting stories page.


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