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Life After Retirement

Our views of retirement are very different from how they were even 10 years ago.  We are now living longer, pensions may not offer the security we once thought they would and there is a need for us to live fulfilling lives beyond retirement age.

So what are the options -

  • Find another job
  • Work until you are 70 in your present job


  • Start again doing something that you enjoy more and that will fit in with your new life.

The most important aspect of retirement is that it takes you into a new phase of your life - and really must be a more relaxed, enjoyable and fulfilling phase.  Perhaps doing something that you have always wanted to do but have waited until retirement to do it.

This time of life is so important - this is what we have all been working towards. People spend years thinking about their retirement - so much of life is on 'hold' until we retire. 

Have you ever thought about getting some help or advice in planning this huge life change?  Click here for more information.


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