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Downshifting- Getting Out Of The Rat Race




Is This You?

Are You On The Rat Race?



Are you one of those people working 12 hours plus a day, spending much of that time commuting, having to work late or work at the weekends?   Do you take all of your allocated holiday leave?  Do you you feel that life is like a roller coaster that you cannot get off.

The working culture in the UK at the moment is a 'long hours culture' and we are out of synch with almost every other country in the world.  We put pressure on people to put in long hours at work.  We reward those that are in the office at 7am and are still there at 9pm irrespective of the fact that they cannot possibly be functioning efficiently after all that time.  We hear people brag about the fact that they work 75 hours a week, as though it is something to be proud of!

Eventually, however  much you are stimulated by and enjoy your job, it just becomes too much.  Even the lure of a very large renumeration package begins to lose its appeal.

Life is too short to live to work when really we should be working to live  - to earn sufficient money and allow us to have the time to do the things we enjoy.

If you feel you want to get out of the rat race, we can help you.  For further information click here.


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