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October 2006

This is an article about Julie Tooke who came on of our first Re-Focusing course and it changed her life.  Also see what Julie wrote on our testimonial page.

The article about stepping off is as follows:

"Since then, I've taken a course with a company called Stepping Off (, which helps people who want to change their lives and improve their work/life balance. It helped me realise how important it is to set aside time for specific tasks, instead of running around frantically trying to do three things at once - and doing none of them very well. More important still, they made me see the importance of setting aside time just for me. Now, I make time for the things I enjoy and I don't feel guilty about it. - it's the 'me' time that keeps me sane. I've joined a local choir, taken up jujitsu classes with my daughter, and learned to enjoy cooking again - before it was just another chore. I can't tell you how much happier I am as a result - I look back on how I was living three years ago, and can't believe it. I feel as though I've woken from a nightmare."  

Stepping Off, run by the authors of Life Swap: The essential Guide to Downshifting (Impact £7.99) offers unique assistance to those who want to change their lives, improve their work/life balance, work for themselves or downshift.

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