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Be a Top Banana!!


How many times have you bumped into someone in the street, asked them how they are and received the answer ‘Oh you know fair to middling I suppose’ and had to then spend five minutes listening to their tale of woe about their in-growing toenail or great Aunt Gladys’s hip operation.  The sadness is that by the time you have heard how awful everything is any positive happy feelings you might have had are gone and you are now feeling down yourself.

How much better would it be if the next time someone asked you how you felt you replied ‘Great Thanks’.  Because even if things are not that great – smiling and saying something positive goes a long way to making you feel better. What happens when you smile – they smile too!

I used to have a phrase when anyone asked me how I was I always answered ’I’m a Top Banana thank you!’  Ok so it wasn’t always the most appropriate thing to say – but it always made people smile and when they smiled, I smiled and so we all felt better.

There is a lot of truth in that old saying “Chin up”.  Try it – what happens when you put your chin up? – Well... your chin goes up, you head goes back and you shoulders drop.  As soon as that happens you can just feel the stress falling away.  You automatically feel different and you can look ahead and face the world.  ‘Head up’ is another old saying that makes us feel good .  They may sound like old wives tales – but they don’t half work.   

So go on give it a go –tell someone you feel great and see what happens  -  make yours and someone else day!

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