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Downshifting - Why Should I work With Stepping Off?


Lots of people downshift but only 50% of them get it right first time.

The outcome of people downshifting generally fall into four categories -

  • They give up after a short time and go back to where they came from
  • They end up crosshifting - working harder than they did in their previous life
  • They downshift again within the first 5 years
  • They successfully lead the simpler life they set out to lead

Stepping Off was created to help people get it right first time.

Our clients use us in different ways -

To get help with time management so they live differently

To get their work/life balance right

To help them get their life's priorities back into perspective

To help them make sound decisions and plans for their future

To help them sort out what they really want and need from a new start

As a sounding board, to test out their ideas for their future

As a resource

A life change such as downshifting is one of the biggest events in a life time. Investing a small amount of time and money into getting it right makes sense and is a good move.


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