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Downshifting - How do I start?

1, 2, 3.........GO!

You can start right now by contacting us. We can help. 

  • We will help you think through your options and come up with an action plan that will assist you in taking the first steps towards your future.
  • Some people who come to us have no idea what they really want to do.  All they know is that they are dissatisfied with their life and they feel that they would like a fresh start.
  • Other people think they know what they want but are not sure that they will be able to go through with it.
  • Nearly everyone who comes to us has a problem with where to start.  What do they do first?

It is so much easier to make these vital decisions with someone by your side for support and advice. 

At stepping Off we can be with you all the way.  Our programmes are designed to help you from the first tiny idea that you have about changing your life or downshifting right through to the time you buy that cottage in the country with roses around the door or your first day of work in your new business.



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