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Downshifting - I Cant Afford It.

When we downshifted we dropped our income by 85%.  Not everyone does that or will have to do that.  You can afford it - you just have to re-think the way you live your life.

The whole essence of opting for a simpler, less stressful life, is to be able to live more simply.

Downshifting is not just about moving house or moving your job.  It is a total life change.  You have to re-think your life in different ways. 

Not many people will be able to downshift and continue to live in the material world they have come from.  If they do, they have not have downshifted.

At Stepping Off one of our first programmes is to help people look at their lifestyle and allow them to make some fundamental decisions about what their future will be like.

We help with the analysis process - because without understanding where you have been you will not be able to successfully get where you want to go.


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