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Downshifting, changing you lifestyle or just deciding that you want to live differently can be frightening, exhilarating, scary, exciting, and rewarding.  Even just making a decision to improve you work/life balance can be hard.

For instance if you care contemplating a complet downshift it is imperative to plan and not to take this step lightly.  We know of a large number of people who have downshifted only return to their former lives after a short time; we know of even more who have downshifted into one situation, only to do it again a few years later.  We meet very few people who have any regrets about their decision to downshift but what they all say to us is -

"If only we had thought it through more the first time we would have done it differently (and not have made so many mistakes)"

There are so many things to think about and more importantly things that  we have to 'get right' to successfully cahnge our lives. 

We know that we must sort out future income, pensions, find the right area, the right schools, look for houses, sort out moving, learn about working for yourself, learn about small holdings - or whatever - but do we think about the emotional or intellectual issues?

How many of us think about how a life-change will effect us - or how it will effect our relationships?

Do we think about what sort of people we are and how we approach a working environment?  Are we the sort of people who will enjoy the stress of running our own business or will we want to go back to working for someone else?  Are we the sort of people who will enjoy retirement, or will it drive us mad?

It is not easy to answer these sorts of questions on our own but they are exactly the issues that are pivotal for ensuring that we downshift successfully.

Of course it is vital to move to the right area and start doing something that we enjoy.  Yes, we need to make sure that we will have enough money to live on - and to secure a good future for our families.

BUT - It isn't often the location that makes us unhappy or the bank balance that will force us to change direction.  It is most likely due to the fact that we have not calculated the enormous impact of a life change or we have ended up in a situation to which we are not really suited. 

Here at Stepping Off we specialise in exactly these sort of issues.  From first hand experience and from the experience of many others we know what can go wrong and how to make sure it will go right.  We know the questions to ask you- to help you find the answers, and so be sure that the downshifting decisions you are making are the right decisions for you.



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