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At Stepping Off you can find out all about starting again, downshifting or how to start to live your life differently, how others have approached it and how you can successfully do it.

Are you thinking about......



Starting Again

Downshifting Country Cottage

Moving to the country.


Getting your work/life    balance right

Taking control of your life. 

Downshifting_ Downshifting_rat_race

Stepping off the treadmill and leaving the rat race. 

Making a life-change. 

Fulfilling your potential and doing what you have always wanted to do.


Living life to the full.

Voluntary simplicity - slowing the pace of life or choosing a simpler life.

Life after retirement.  


Buying your own business or franchise.

Work at home Shirt

Setting up a business or working for yourself   

Downshifting-life after redundancy

"I lost my job.  But I am pretty sure it is around here some-where"

An option if facing redundancy.

Maybe I can get those ducks to come to my water garden!

Being self-sufficient.


Moving to France. 





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