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Downshifting - Buying your own Business or Franchise


Buying an existing business or franchise can be a much safer option than trying to start your own business.

Many people think about putting in their redundancy money or some of their retirement

fund into buying a business.

There are many things to think about before you do.

  • Do you know what it is like to work for yourself?
  • Have you ever run a business before?
  • Do you know current legislation relating to your new business?
  • Do you know about employment law, if you have staff?
  • Do you know where you can raise money for your business?
  • Do you know how to access grants for your business?
  • Have you got the right advice about buying a franchise?
  • Have you got the right skills to run your business?

When it is a question of your money and your livelihood, it is really important to know the answers to these sorts of questions before you buy anything.

If you are thinking of buying a business or franchise, we can help.  For further information click here.


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