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Downshifting - Time management


The single largest reason why people want downshift is to get away from the stresses, strains and speed at which they find themselves leading their life. They live to work - not work to live.

At Stepping Off we help people to -

  • Re-gain control of their lives
  • Get their work/life balance right
  • Re-establish their life priorities
  • Re-claim leisure time
  • Slow down

By working with us some people change their attitude to life so dramatically that they forget dreams of downshifting because they find they can balance the present life that they are living. Others decide to downshift to find this balance.

At Stepping Off we will work with you to help you plan your future - whatever it may look like.

Investing a little time and money in working with us is about YOU putting YOURSELF first to make YOUR life better.  When did you last do that?


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