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Downshifting Book Review


Au Revoir Angleterre


Paul Jenner and Christine Smith


Another great book from White Ladder Press.

This is a 'must read'.  If you are thinking of downshifting or moving abroad.  The only way to describe this book is to call it a 'Reality Check'.  It is full of useful hints about the things to avoid and the things to get right.

This book offers advice on everything - from buying and doing up and old ruin to having your own Olive Grove.

Read the 'Key Questions' - they are provocative and the honest answers will put you in a good position to ensure that your move is a success.

At Stepping Off we aim to let people hold onto their dreams while we help them live through the reality. Au Revoir Angleterre helps us in our aim as it is one of the most informative and realistic books we have read about moving abroad.

 Read more and buy it here.

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